Welcome to Always Remembered Flag, Inc.

As of 9 March 2017, we not only got a new website but also a new address 'www.arflags.org'; the old address 'www.alwaysrememberedflags.com' will both still be active and redirect to this new site until 30 April 2018.  Same organization, same mission & products - with a few new additions, but a little updated look.

Hope you like the new site, and thank you for helping us help the veterans of Wisconsin!

Mission Statement:

The goal of AR Flags,

a Veterans Services Nonprofit Organization,

Is to 'Help Homeless Veterans of Wisconsin'.

Based in Madison, I travel throughout the state raising money through donations, with 100% - NO EXCEPTIONS, going directly to services for homeless veterans.

Being a retired veteran I felt I wanted to give a helping hand to my fellow veterans needing support & help.

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Supporting local business - selling USA made only!
All of the merchandise sold at events and on the web site are made in America - and some by local Wisconsin businesses; with 100% going towards supporting our mission!
 Please visit the 'Place an Order' page to view available items.

"Always Remembered" Flag
DoD Service Agency's Logos

Founder Meade and His Wife
Our Pursuit is to Give Back...
The "Always Remembered" flag demonstrates our appreciation to everyone who has, is, or will serve in our military and to everyone who has supported them. Especially the sacrifices of the families & friends left behind. "Never Forgotten," means we will not forget their service to our country, whether by the supreme sacrifice, or the sacrifice of time and duty.